Hello. This blog is dedicated to bringing you bordom busters, updates, guides, and much more.I got inspired by Blooberry95 somehow. I just thought of it at the moment.Also, be sure to check out the map to see where the ship is currently located.Read below for more info about the members.

Dizzy penguin/lily: I live in SC. You can find me at my pokemon blog, band, or the PHF. I read the PHB a lot, and hope to as succesful one day.My favorite subject is Science and music.(Sociel Studies Sucks Eggs) I am almost always active! I currently am 9.


  1. Do NOT curse, swear, or badmouth.
  2. Please respect everyone, and NO racist aloud.
  3. Don’t double comment. This is a blog, not a chat.
  4. This site is under construction, please do not tell us a million ways we can improve.(although suggestions are welcome)

Golden Rule:  If it’s not about poptropica, don’t post. This blog was made for poptropica only, so just leave if it’s not about poptropica.



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  1. Ummm… Why does the header say Pradise?

    Dizzy Penguin: Uh…that’s just a grammer mistake blooberry95 made. 🙂 I think I might get a new one….

  2. Hey DP, I’m gonna use this info to put on MY blog oKaY? You know the about page?


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