Bordom Busters!

Once you have finished all the islands, you will get a little bored waiting, and waiting and waiting! So?… So?! …SO?! …We give you millions for now a few, boredom busters! Cheats, Glitches, we’ve got it all!

Cheat codes:

  • Ctrl+shift+R/Ctrl+shift+f6= Randomizes charecter, may or may not include hand item (basketball, football, ect.)
  • Ctrl+shift+S=Changes skin color
  • Ctrl+shift+P=pumkin head, do it again to remove it
  • Ctrl+shift+H=changes hair color (Note: Does not do neon color)
  • Ctrl+shift+f4=A bunch of random word appear
  • Ctrl+shift+1=laughing
  • Ctrl+shift+2=crying
  • Ctrl+shift+3=angry
  • Ctrl+shift+4=celebrating (jumping)

Easter Eggs!

No, they are not filled with delicious sugar treats! But they are filled with black juice!

Bozo_the_clown: What the? I prefer delicious sugar treats.

Yeah, that’s the famous Bozo the clown. He may edit my post once in a while. Anyways, —-Easter Eggs are special suprises that we find in poptropica nowadays. If you find one, TELL ME!

Got a moment? Write or read a fresh baked written story!

Pop Talk

Talk about it ’till you drop!

Graphic Gallery

Got a pic of your poptropican that you wanna show? post it here! Or look through our gallery of awesome graphics people have made!

Under Construction:

  • Games!
  • How to draw a poptropican
  • Costumes
  • Fan Art
  • Poptropica Blogs

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  1. Yay! me first comment! Luv your blog! 🙂 :mrgreen:

    Dizzy Penguin: Thanks! ;D

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