Easter eggs!

This is the easter eggs page!

Going through Hay….

  1. Go to astro knights.
  2. Go to the swamp
  3. Slip in between the haystacks
  4. Push to your right, then click on the man with the funny hat.
  5. You pushed through it!

Standing on rope!

  1. Get on a rope

    Property of the PHB

  2. Do the Crtl+shift+1 , 2 ,3 or 4
  3. You got yourself a poptropican standing on a rope!

Holding Black Juice..

  1. Go to 24 carrot island and enter the carrot king diner.
  2. Click on the drink section.
  3. Fill the cup with white.
  4. As the poptropican drinks it, hold down Ctrl+shift+S.
  5. The mouse should become a swirly, x out of poptropica
  6. Log back in…
  7. See the results!

    Property of the PHB

Laugh with an angry face!

  1. Press Ctrl+shift+3, the angry emote
  2. As your face gets red, press Ctrl+shift+1, the laughing emote.
  3. Your poptropican should laugh with a red face!

    Also Property of the PHB


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  1. My favorite one is the blackberry juice. It’s pretty neat.

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