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Qualities; Book one: Musical.


I kinda got this idea, where there are different poptropican girls, that have special talents, and for each of them I write a book. Kinda like a series, you know. This one is for the music talent one….Her name is Dizzy Penguin. She lives in a nice neighbor hood in Southern Shark tooth with her one brother, Dizzy Owl, who just happens to be a percussionist in his school band! She meets Funny Lightning, a funny, bright, enthusiastic boy. He decides to start a band, so who knows what will happen?

Chapter One: Boredom…
Dizzy Penguin was sitting on her couch, listening to her itouch.

*YoU GeT THe BeSt Of BoTH WoRLdS*

“Gahhh!! Where the H did this come from!?” exclaimed DP. DP sighed. It was another boring nothing-to-do-today sunday.  She got up. She looked around.
“*sigh*…I wish there was somethin’ to do…” said DP. (Really, it was ridiculous to think there was nothing to do, because she had an itouch, wii, TV, swimming pool, trampoline, neiborhood playground AND there was her AP world history homework…) DP sighed.
“Hmph, I might as well call up Happy Leopard. *Beep beep beep beep beep boop boop*

“Wus up?” said HL.
“Eh, nothin much..” replied DP.
“That’s what you say everyday..”
“Actually, there was this one day…”
“HOW do you keep track of these things?!”
“IDK, I do a lot of things that make people wonder how I do these thangs”
“Well, what’d’ya want?”
“Eh…IDK, I just wanna bother you.” (phone hangs up)
“Darn…” said DP.

DP walked upstairs. She noticed her brother, Dizzy Owl, was practicing on his drumset.”HEY!!” yelled DP, over the drumset. DO looked up, and put down his drumstick.

“What’d’ya want now?” DO asked to his little sister.
“I’m BOOOREED!” moaned DP, she sat down on his spinny chair.
“If you’re sooo bored,why don’t you learn to play an insrtument?” asked DO.
“Um…I don’t thank so..”
“Why not? I could teach ya!” said DO. DP glared at him.
“Remember da last time you tried to teach me something?”


“Then go take some lessons or join a band or somethin’, just don’t bother me..” said DO, he then resumed playing the drums.
“Fine, be that way!” said DP. She left the room. Hmmm…a band… though Dizzy Penguin. She picked up her aqua green bookbag, hopped on her blue green scooter, and headed off.

Capter 2:  Funny Lightning

Dizzy Penguin rode to her school, with the evening wind blowing in her light-brown hair. She missed to notice all the poptropican citizens, watching her glide by on her blue green scooter. After a while, she put the brakes on. She got off.To her suprise, another poptropican was here, at her school. It was Funny Lightning.Funny Lightning was a boy. He also went to the same scool as DP. Acttually, he was in the same class! Now, this Funny Lightning was pretty funny. You could have guessed that.

“Hey, Dizzy!” said FL . DP looked up. “Oh, Hey!” replied DP.

“So…What’cha doing here?” asked FL.

“Um…well…I was-”

“Looking for something to do?” asked FL. Dizzy Penguin blushed. She kinda had a crush on him.

“Um…Yeah! Acttually, I should get goin’ now.” said DP. She picked up her bag, and got on her scooter. “Wait!” said FL. He ran after her. DP stopped her scooter. “What?” she asked.

“Wanna start a…band?” asked FL. DP was stunned.

“Uh o-okay.”

“Thanks! We start tomorow! At recess!” said FL.

Dizzy Penguin hopped back on her scooter, and rode off, into the wind. This will never work! What insrument do I play? Beside, with Funny Lightning here I- Her brother yelled at her. “DIZZY PENGUIN!” DP woke up from her daydream. Uh-oh.She ran downstairs to the kitchen. “What happend?” asked DP. “I just got a call from Happy Leopard’s mom.” said DO, franticly.

“And, and?!”

“Happy Leopard got into an accident while jumping on her trampoline!” screamed DO. Oh no! Stupid Trampolines! she thought. Once again, she picked up her aqua green bookbag, hopped on her blue green scooter, and headed off. This time for Happy Leopards house.

Chapter 3: Mis & good fortunes…

Dizzy Penguin arrived at Happy Leopard’s house. HL’s house wasn’t as spruced up as the rest of houses, but it had the best backyard. Happy Leopard’s dad, Zany Leopard, was in the front yard mowing the lawn. ZL stopped to notice Dizzy Penguin. “Hey!” greeted ZL, in his sharp italian accent.DP walked over.

“Hey, Mr.Leopard!” said DP. “Where’s Happy Leopard?! I heard she had a really bad accident on her trampoline!”

“You could say that…”. HL’s dad smiled. “She’s out back, trying to clean up.”

Cleaning up? Accident? Uh-oh… DP rushed to the backround. There sat Happy Leopard, franticly trying to clean up “the mess”. DP looked around HL’s backyard. Nothing unussual…lawn neat, bushes trimmed, trampoline. What could be wrong? She walked over to Happy Leopard, where she was on the trampoline. “Uh..Hi..?” said DP. HL looked like she was losing her mind. “WAH?! WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!” shouted Happy Leopard.

“Chill out, dude, it’s me!” said DP.

“Oh…Sorry, maybe come back later?” said HL.

“Um…so what happened?”

“Pigions..Millions…Drops…You see the point…”

“Oh, well, see ya!” said DP.

Dizzy Penguin ran back to the front yard,  picked up her aqua green bag, hopped on her blue green scooter, and headed home. As she reached home, she got a call, so she stopped at the park.

“Hello?” said DP.

“Hi, it’s me, Funny Lightning.”

“What do you want?” said DP, impatiantly.

“Well, I was thinking…

“And? Loook I got no time for this, ’cause I gotta-“

“Can ya meet at my house tommora?” asked FL.

“Fine.”. DP hung up.  She started back home again.Crazy..! We barely met and he wants me to go over to his dang house? As she reached home, she noticed someone was here. She couldn’t quite make out the figure. Man, who is that guy? thought DP. She parked her scooter, and walked over to the person. “Danny(DO), who is this?” asked Dizzy Penguin.

“Oh, Dizzy, this is you’re music teacher! She came over to tell me something.”said DO. Dizzy Penguin’s eyes widened.

“Well, I’m going to go…play…in……” stuttered Dp. She ran up to her room. Oh, Gawd, what is it now?thought Dizzy Penguin. She walked in circles. She hadn’t done anything. Perhaps she had done something spectacular? Nah, she never comes for that….She heard the music teacher say bye, then shut the door.  “Aw, dang.” said DP out loud.

Chapter 4:

Dizzy Penguin paced her floor, wich was actually pretty messy. She heard a yell from downstairs; “DIZZY! CLEAN UP YA ROOM!”. She started at her shelves. She always started at her shelves. “Hmm…I think I should make a section for oriental things this time…” she muttered. Eh, a messy room is the least of my worries right now…I gotta find out ’bout that teacher, comin’ over. She ran down the stairs. “Wus up?” said Dizzy Penguin to her brother. “Hey, that teacher-” started Dizzy Owl. “Did she something bad? Something good? Something random?” said Dizzy Penguin, impatiently.

“GAWD! Just shut up!” screamed Dizzy Owl.

“Fine…No need to cuss…Just tell me!”

“Fine..She said she got a call from one of yer’ stupid friends.”


“Some guy named Funny Lightning…Says he needs instruments..”

“Hmpf…What kinda intruments?”

“Xylophone, Drums, Microphone, ectcetera ectcetera…You got da point.” said Dizzy Owl. He gulped down his apple juice, then ran upstairs. “Hehe..Don’t ya know?” said Dizzy Penguin. She gulped down some apple juice, herself. She thought; He..wonder if..-Nah-He isn’t…Then again.. She put her glass in the sink, and went to bed.

The next day, she got out of bed to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. “Ahh…Perfect.” she sighed. She went to bathroom. She acctually had a school break. Spring break to be exsact.  She dressed into her blue shirt and skirt, slapped on her belt, and went downstairs to find the comb. Dang, how does this thang get lost so much?! thought Dizzy Penguin. She checked in the drawers. Nope. She checked in between the couches. Nope. She checked on all the tables. Nopety-Nope. She went into her brothers room. “Hey, Dizzy Owl, Have ya seen da comb?” said Dizzy Penguin. Her mouth opened wide. Dizzy Owl was combing his hair with the comb! “Uh!? What are you doing? I need the brush!” said Dizzy Penguin. She tried to grab the brush, but Dizzy Owl pushed her back. “What? Trying to look good for Prince Charming? He he…Dizzy and Lighning! Sittin’ in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Dizzy Owl fell back laughing. Dizzy Penguin steamed up. “NO!” screamed Dizzy Penguin. She grabbed the comb while her brother was laughing hystericly. How does he know..? She picked up her aqua-green bag, Hopped on her scooter, and headed off.



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  1. Enjoy!

    • LOL the last bit was funny.

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