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I can’t do much but I’ll stay til’ someone comes and wantz it if they are trustworthy. For now, BYE!



Resighnation Post

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Sorry people, but this blog is closing down. Unless Happy Storm takes over, this blog is shut down. SWWY! 😦 But, I will be switching to another blog, a kind of personal blog. Once again, SWWY!! HS, PLESH TAKE OVER THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Constuction Time…

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Sorry, but I just noticed most of the blog is empty. I’m going to be closing the blog down for a few days, to catch up! If you want, you can sign up to be notified when the blog is back up again. All ya have to do is holler “I WANT NOTIFICATION!!!”! xD It’ll be open a little so you can make sure you get notified, but after today, COMPLETE LOCKDOWN. Bye Bi!

New Headers!

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Just want to let you know that we have a new holiday header! GoldenButterfly has also given us a new header! We’ll use it after break! 😀


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Okay, gotta make this real fast-Thanksgiving already! It’s like 5 miutes ago it was Summer! Well, here are two new ads!


Help “santa paws” gather all of the “reindogs”. Return them, and help “Santa Paws” deliver presents!

Merry Cristmas

Night of the Mueseam: Battle of the Smithsonian.

Help what’s his face find Rex’s bones, assemble them and recieve a prize. I just LOVE NOTM! It’s sooo funny! Anyways…


Back to Thanksgiving…

Who doesn’t like turkey? NOT ME!!! I’m going away for TG, to Hilton Head. My Aunt, cousin, and cousin that I’ve never seen before, and my uncles (3) are going to be there!

I’ll be on the PHF a little, then I’M OUT! Well, BYE!


New Outfits in ze Store!

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That’s right! There are new outfits in the Poptropica Store! Check it OUT!!


New Store Stuff!

We are crazy busy working on some really awesome Poptropica islands, but we found time to add two more outfits to the Poptropica Store…the Tiger Shark and Swan Ballerina!

avatar image

Thanks, Sharkboy! Seems like he changed his costume, too! Here, we have a Tigershark costume and its special action is… *drumrolls* … THROWING A FISHEH!!! So awesome… he’s having fun and next to him is his wif- *whispers* Oh, not his wife. xD It’s a Swan Ballerina! Not pleasing to me but that’s just me. Tigershark is pretty cool. Ratings:

Tigershark: 5/5

Swan Ballerina: 3/5

Shows how I like tigershark more than … ballerina! Also, shows how I’m more of a tomboy. That’s one new thing you learned about me!

~Happy Storm

Counterfeit Island, Am I hearing things?

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Happy Storm here! I came to announce… a new post on the PCB! Check it out!

Did someone say, “Counterfeit Island?”

After my quick break at the local cafe, I explored more of this new island to discover the people here calling it “Counterfeit Island.” What an intriguing name, I wonder why they call it that? I guess I’ll just have to explore some more to find out.

By Comic Kid
avatar image

Thanks for the news Hot Dog Boy! Looks as if it were an island about fakin’ something…. Oh and credit to ME of the PHF, Happy Storm! 😆 Okay, so what do you think of this “new island”? Is RTV still alive? Will the creators keep posting about this Island and take too long?! Okay, I’m done.

Happy Storm, OUT!

Hello! :D

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Hey everyone!  I’m Elaineyw, just with the screen name, Thepoptrop (not the best I admit.). I’ll be signing my posts with Elaineyw  either way…note that it would say Thepoptrop posted it though. Anyways, I’d like to thank Dizzy penguin for letting me join. Well, cya!

Dizzy Penguin: hmm…I wonder why it didn’t publish…


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To start off, there’s a new post on the PCB!

Return of Comic Kid, and New Island?

Well, I’m finally back after a long trip of searching out new islands in Poptropica. I even had time to grab some hot chocolate along the way.

Jazz Time!

Oh, yeah! New post! BTW,  I noticed it said; “Return of Comic Kid, and NEW ISLAND?” *shrieks like a little girl* EEEKK! New island! But, wait..! Does this mean…RTV is…GONE?! NOOOOO!!! Don’t go, RTV!!!!!

2 new adds, a story and a new member! And a ccontest…

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Hey! Dizzy Penguin here with some news! Okay, so that was corny…But you should see coderkid start his post…. Anyways, there are 2 new ads. Electric company and monsters inc. Currently I cannot post the guide for them, because my poptropican is too old for electric company, and i havn’t finished Monsters Inc yet….

Also, Elainew has joined this blog! She, I hope, will post her introductury post soon. 😀

If you haven’t noticed, I am writinng a new story. You can see it in our story section in the boredom busters page! READ IT!!! Now, some of you remember my contest…..I’m deciding to tell you what it is now…so…

The contest is kind of like a best dressed contest, but instead you have to make it like a character in a movie. Here are the rules:

  1. You can not make it just a movie star, you have to make it a character from the movie.
  2. Do not make it a TV show character. But you can make it a character from a movie that came from a TV show.
  3. There will be JUDGES, not a nomination. The judges will be picked later on.
  4. Here are some movies you can use:
  • 9
  • Hannah Montannah the Movie.. 😦
  • Finding Nemo
  • Up
  • Wizard of Waverly Place the Movie
  • The Lion King
  • Hortan Hears a who
  • The Proposal
  • Kung Foo Panda
  • Any other movies, just make sure you tell me what movie it is. If I don’t know what that movie is, just put the title in your comment.

Fill out this form to enter:

Character Name:______________

Real Actor Name (Optional):_____

Movie it came from:___________

Link to it: ___________________

The award is —-trafic sounds—-. Have fun!!!

EDIT: Even if you don’t win, your costume will be put on the costuem page! So don’t be sad if you don’t win! 😀

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