Early poptropica…

You enter slowly, amazed at the new world. You see another figure that looks like you. “Hello! Welcome to poptropica! If you ever get lost, just look at your map!” says the figure.You find out these figures are “poptropicans”. You accidently fall in a hole to your left. Ik! you think as you enter, this place is full of spiders!. Wait! What’s that?, or who’s that? It’s a girl poptropican.She looks kind of gothic.”I hope you’re not afraid of spiders!” she says. You don’t reply, just shiver a little. As you jump down, you see a Giant Spider! “AHIIIIEEE!!” you scream.You jump down and see a pig, so you grab it and RUN! As you go back up, you run into a lot of spiders. After you climb up, you head left. A man offers you a ballon. You click one, but it turns your skin a funny color! You keep going. One man says “You can really get some air off those clothes lines!”. The other says “You won’t believe the things I saw in the clouds!”. You go back.Then you go right, to the old part of town. “Welcome to early poptropica!” says an unussual looking man.You keep going, and you overhear something about something stolen. You see a man standing beside a fence. You talk to him, and give him his pig, that he apperently wants. “Thanks for your help!” he says. Another man appears. “Can you go down and get some water?” he asked. You accept the request and go down the well. You see a funny man on a platform. He tells you of the awesomness of a glow stick. You go up to the top left, and see a glowstick! You grab it. As, you go back you remember: Oh shoot! The water!. When you got up, you run. Run! Run! When you get back yo poptropica towers, you stop, and take a breath. You fall, yet, down another hole! This one is dark, but with the help of your glowstick you explore through. You see a sign: Getting Warmer… beside a rope. You decide not to go down hte rope and keep going, when you spot a golden egg! You pick it up and leave. You think, Boy, this egg is pretty big, as you lug it down to poptropica towers. You jump up and land on the rooftops. You decide to use this instead of walking.Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! You land on a blue building. A green vine appears. As you climb it, you notice you are above the clouds.A set of purple legs appear. You talk to him, and he says because you have brought me what I need, I lift my club and you may proceed. Er, well, something like that. You keep going right, until you notice a giant pumpkin. What the-! you think. But remember, we are at a giant’s garden. You notice a bucket. You take it, then proceed to the right. There you see tons of broken airplanes and ships. You are able to keep going thanks to the fans. On a table you see a jet pack. You put it on, fly back to the garden, go down the hole beside the shovel. When you go down, you see a flag. Then it hits you, These are the stolen items! You run back to the old part of town, give the stolen property back, and claim your prize: 100 credits and a meddalion!



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  1. Enjoy!

  2. I already finished al the islands, but it might be useful for somebody else.

    PS: Neat website.

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