Super Power Walkthough…

I’m very sorry, but our island guide gut was doing plaigarism, or something like that….Well, until he writes his own guide, see ya…



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  1. Serious Cloud,

    This was copied from the Poptropica Help Blog without permission. Please remove this from your website as soon as possible.

    Stealing content from others is called plagiarism and is illegal. Don’t do it – we work hard to create something, so we don’t want it copied by others. Thank you for understanding.


    Dizzy Penguin:He copied it!? I think I might have to…BTW, how do you know about this website?

    • I didn’t copy it. I already said I don’t copy stuff! and if you read it you would notice mine was different then yours. Just because mine was similar doesn’t mean that I copied!

      • OK, I copied and pasted your your guide in the find bar at PHB’s guide. According to that, he… *drumroll*
        DID NOT COPY! Case closed.

      • NVM, I read it yesterday. It’s word by word. Shame on you. xD

    • Oh, and Hijuyo knows this site because you asked him to add it to his directory. 😉

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